drunks.ca has been the driving force behind over a decade of Toronto-based drinking. What started off as a small group of co-workers swelled into a large group of assorted friends and random people we met on the street, then slightly contracted as people got married, had kids, moved away and generally stopped being fun.

The Drunks had their start on November 6, 1997 when Autumn sent this note out a group of us:

Congratulations! You have been selected for a suicide mission of marginal importance.

There is yet another mailing list for you to keep straight. It is called “drunks@netron.com”. It consists of people who are from, of, with, and/or pertaining to Netron, that I
a) have been out drinking with, or
b) may have been out drinking with, or
c) would consider going out drinking with, or
d) find occasionally amusing, or
e) believe would be amusing, were they drunk.

How do I join the drunks?

I have to imagine that you’ve heard about this from friends, and that you already know some of us. After all, nobody chooses to hang around with software developers. We’re weenies.

But if that doesn’t scare you off, feel free to join up. It’s a low-volume list, usually under ten emails a year. Subscribe or unsubscribe here.

About your host

I’m Steve Shaw. I registered this domain back in late 2000, and have been using it to find people to drink with ever since. In early 2011, as a sort of ten-year anniversary, I completely overhauled the site into the fine beauty that you see today. It’s basically a WordPress install, Twenty Ten theme, with the serial numbers scraped off and a quick coat of paint.

You can contact me here.