Getting Nailed With The Lord XIII

Greetings friends!
So sadly, this invite has nothing to do with my wedding.  I get it- it’s over.  No more fancy dresses, no more flower bouquets, no more “all about me”… le sigh.

My only comfort though is that I do get the honour and the privilege of sending out the official Getting Nailed with the Lord invite which is almost as good as a wedding…right?!

So no major surprises…this happens Good Friday (Friday April 18th) starting from 4 o’clock.  Come dressed in your finest evening attire…or most comfortable jeans, whatever.

For those of you who haven’t gone to our traditional Good Friday event before, basically, we celebrate this holy day with lots of drinking…just what I think the Lord would want us to do.

I thought I would try a new location this year…I had very high specifications when doing this search….well…basically I wanted a bar I haven’t been to in a while that has a dash of religious context that is a close walk for me…and I came up with The Churchmouse and the Firkin at 475 Church Street, just south of Wellesley.  Please note, the word Church is in there, so it works!  Here is the site if you want to pre-plan your menu orders ;-)

Hope to see you there!


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