2014 Kris Kringle….full of Christmas Spirits!

Happy holidays!

Another Christmas is fast approaching and personally, my stockings are hung, my gifts are mostly wrapped and I’m ready to raise a glass or two of good cheer with my friends!

Due to the aging/changing demographics of the group, we have decided to make this Kris Kringle a slightly more children-appropriate event…meaning it’s happening this Sunday (December 21st) starting at 2 o’clock.  And, as you might have guessed from the subject line, where else would I want to hold this event other than the ultra-convenient Spirits Bar and Grill?  Located at the corner of Hayden and Church street, it’s the ideal place to open its doors to the annual Drunks Kris Kringle…and I hope you can make it out!

See you then,
Mrs Claus/ de Leon

Ps- sorry if you received this twice…but as a wise woman (me!) once said- better twice than not at all!

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