Conversion notes

While I was converting the site over to the new format, I noticed a few things:

  • We can’t agree on how to spell some bar names. Pauper’s/Paupers and Ein-Stein/Einstein’s are just two of them.
  • Similarly, we couldn’t agree how to link to these bars. Back in 2001, a lot of these places didn’t have dedicated websites and we linked to sites like, which appears to have done at least one reorganization that broke old URLs.
  • I really can’t talk, because I decided not to preserve the old URL structure.
  • At some point, we started linking to Ben’s wiki as a central place to gather information for different bars and pub crawl rules and that sort of thing. Great idea, but that wiki is long gone. If I get energetic enough, I’ll add pages locally for different bars and event types.
  • We’ve had over a hundred events! That’s more than I would have guessed, especially considering that we’re basically down to three a year now.
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